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Wireless CCTV System

When do you need commercial Wireless CCTV ?

Wireless CCTV is not a new subject as in previous times analog technology sufficed with some pretty bulky equipment and frequency wavelength clashing but clearly now technology has progressed. Lets face it there are some locations that defy cabling logic as the distances involved would mean multiple tens of thousands of dollars just to install all that underground cable. Fear no more as modern Commercial IP CCTV equipment now has the capability for wireless Infrastructure with less cabling for those most difficult locations.

Rest assured that CCTVAustralia has done the hard yards when it comes to Commercial IP Wireless CCTV as this is a serious technology that can not be done without 100% attention. When a customer asks for a quote we have to make sure that we study the environment to it`s full extent  as multiple scenarios can block a signal such as trees & existing infrastructure which can bounce a wireless frequency causing drop out as well as testing for other frequency bands on site.

Understanding the latest Wireless technology

As the progression of Wireless moves forward many factors are taken in to account an example of this is the amount of calculations that have to be done to make sure the relevant camera system will integrate with the Commercial Wireless application. IP CCTV in general has to be stable for it to operate smoothly and if there is any cheap components with sub standard electronics then this can open another can or worms. In this current day & age one has to be wise to understand that proven & tested equipment is essential. Stability of product is a must when installing a Commercial Wireless IP CCTV System.

What is a Point to Point System & Mesh System

There are two main uses today of Wireless applications when it comes to CCTV Wireless that is being used and that is Point to Point and mesh Network Wireless Infrastructure. To understand the differences Point to Point pretty well does what is says as you can line up each individual pole and transfer the signal down the line as with a Mesh network the difference is that the Mesh AP`s will communicate with each other if one of the Points decides to go faulty meaning this will pick up the slack if one point ever stops working. Obviously MIMO Mesh Networks would be the preferred method but in saying that the equipment is more advanced and will be an extra cost.

Where is Wireless CCTV needed

Commercial Wireless CCTV can be used at many locations

  • Large Industrial areas & Sites
  • Mining Locations
  • Caravan Parks
  • Open Park areas
  • Open Storage areas
  • Country locations
  • Illegal dumping grounds
  • Government compounds
  • Large Playgrounds
  • Road & Traffic areas

These are some of the locations that will benefit from a Commercial wireless IP CCTV application. If you believe you are in need of a CCTV System but feel that cabling will end up costing many thousands of dollars then consult us and we can give you the advice you need to make the right decision when it comes to implementing a professional CCTV System

Commercial Wireless Quotation

If you are interested in a quotation for a commercial Wireless System , the best way of getting a quote is to fill out our online quotation form or call us on 1300 432 288 or email us at commercial@cctvaustralia.com.au

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