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Why we decided to use Spypoint Trail cameras

September 16, 2017 CCTVAustralia Blog

In recent times we came across requests from our clientele that they were looking for remote solutions that did not involve the cost of a Surveillance System. After much research CCTVAustralia decided to form a relationship with Spypoint who are a North American Canadian manufacturer of advanced Trail Camera Technology and Excel Action Cameras. Spypoint in all honestly are the leading edge specialists when it comes to their products and their latest range of 2016 products confirms that we have made the best choice when it comes to alternative solutions for our customers.

Spypoint and their equipment solutions include utilizing trail cameras in remote locations and all outdoor applications that needs some kind of surveillance with long life battery life. Trail cameras although have been around for a while now have been transformed with total solutions that will raise eyebrows for those who are not aware of Spypoint technology and engineering with their latest product range. Some of their latest releases include the complete solar trail camera all in one built Trail Cam that does not need any extra components and can be left outside for as long as needed.

Spypoint also have a cloud service for some of their range of Trail Cams where the photos that are taken can be automatically downloaded to their cloud service in case the Trail camera gets damaged or taken. Spypoint also has a APP that you can log in to as view back in time or see the current range of photos saved. The new 2016 range also include their latest 3G, 4G Trail Cams which gives you the capability to use the cloud services as well as the Spypoint APP.

The Spypoint Trail Cam Infra Red Led`s are now seeing even further at night and are made to be covert and a not so obvious glow when taking photos at night. The Motion sensors are also more advanced also getting further distance if needed and also depending which trail Camera is chosen can also be split in to 5 different areas. The picture quality of the latest 2016 range has also improved giving you up to 12 megapixel photo capability using the latest image compression chip giving you even more clearer photos. One of their best solutions is the Tiny Wireless series which is made for multiple locations having up to 10 Trail cameras taking photos sending all photos back to the main recorder black box making sure that if the Tiny Wireless Series cams are taken or discovered all photos will be stored in one main location away from the main cameras.

All Spypoint Trail Cameras have the opportunity to use Lithium ion Batteries for long life usage being ideal for distant locations that you can not get to as often as needed. Apart from the excellent photo taking from the Spypoint Trail Camera Range all their Trail Cams can also take Video footage upon motion if switched on to do that. Video recording will not send to the cloud due to the size of the Video Files unlike the photos do. Apart from their Trail camera range Spypoint also have a whole list of accessories that can be used for all types of scenarios when utilizing the Trail Cams out in all locations we advise that you check our website at https://www.cctvaustralia.com.au/trail-cameras.html  and check out our latest range if you have any questions we will be there to assist.

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