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What is the Mosquito Anti Loitering Device ?

May 12, 2019 CCTVAustralia Blog

The Mosquito Anti Loitering Device isn’t new as it has been around for approx 12 Years but it is probably not so well heard of due to the fact it is so effective. Every now and then there is a product that is so effective it becomes controversial. The Mosquito when released in Britain was such an effective deterrent from moving youth away from certain areas that it disgruntled the normal outrage brigade of do gooders which decided to complain about the way this device works. It really does seem that some people thrive on making sure certain solutions must be stopped in it`s tracks. As crime increases Law enforcement seem to have their hands tied and are conditioned to pursue non relevant monetary pursuits due to the normal Governmental bureaucracy which goes hand in hand with the outrage brigade.

Ten years later The Mosquito Anti Loitering Device has weathered the storm and is located in thousands of locations around the world. The device itself does not damage your ears as it only makes a certain high pitch specific sound that will annoy you so much that you will want to get away from that area.  The high pitch noise is specific designed for people under 25 years of age as the human hearing condition usually starts changing at this age. Usually People over 25 years of age will not hear this device as the high pitch noise will not calibrate with their hearing. The device itself have been created for clearing the areas of concern usually for teenage hot spots that continuously has had loitering and crime concerns.

The Mosquito Anti Loitering Device is usually a last gasp effort to clear the area of concern as the owner of that area or areas has been through all the usual procedures and complaints procedures becoming exasperated about the situation and usually do not know what to do next. Through research is usually when clientele find out about what the Mosquito Anti Loitering Device can do and to their surprise it is not overly complicated and does not cost many thousands of dollars. This device is relatively simple to operate once learned and is quite effective to say the least. For those with more pressing concerns the Mosquito can be ordered in with a chip that will effect all hearing ages for the full spectrum from birth to old age.

There are two devices which are on the market that CCTVAustralia has the rights to sell as the main device is called the Mosquito and the smaller device is called the Mozzy. The mosquito is specially made for outdoor use and makes a high-frequency pulsing sound that can be heard up to a 35-40-meter radius depending on ambient noise and the building structure near this device. The Mozzy which is a smaller hand held type device has been primarily designed as a shop doorway alarm to deter teens from creating a gauntlet around shop doorways and as a stairwell alarm for rough sleeping prevention. Alternatively the Mozzy can be used in any sheltered location such as recessed shop doorways, where it is not directly exposed to weather, pointing directly at the ground. If you feel that these devices will surely help and rectify your areas of concern contact us and we will be able to advise what would be recommended for your are of concern.

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