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What is ccHDTV System

What is ccHDtv ?

Closed Circuit HD TV (ccHDtv) is a newly developed solution for transmitting full HD digital video in a surveillance system. The core concept of ccHDtv is to deliver high definition video using digital TV (DTV) transmission. With ccHDtv, high definition digital video can be transmitted easily over coaxial cables, twisted pairs, or simply over the air. Multiple 1080p30 and 1080p60 video streams can be easily transmitted using ccHDtv over a single 5C2V/RG6 cable up to a length of 1000 meters without any repeater ( Up to 500 meters in case of 3C2V/RG59 ).

In the world of analog TV, The composite video baseband signal (CVBS) is the most commonly used signal format. Its popularity, ease of use, and robustness have made it an integral part of our lives. CVBS is in fact a de facto signal standard for analog video surveillance systems. As we bid farewell to analog TV with worldwide analog switch-off (ASO) and move on to the age of digital TV, digital technologies, such as DVB-T, ISDB-T, and ATSC, became popular and indispensable much like CVBS in the analog age. ccHDtv leverages the extremely robust AV transmission capability of DTV to easily and seamlessly upgrade an analog cctv surveillance system to digital full HD. It is expected ccHDtv to become a de facto standard for digital video surveillance systems in the future.

The ccHDtv surveillance system, as known as DTV surveillance, is a new-generation video security solution adopting digital TV technologies with DVB-T standards currently. It features excellent performance in both video and audio transmission over coaxial cables or air, with major advantages including: excellent HD video quality over coaxial cables, seamless solution for CCTV upgrades, and longer transmission distance.

It is fair to say that one of the main advantages of using this technology is the installation time will be halved if not more due to the amount of cameras you can put on one Coaxial Cable instead of using a cable for each camera now you can do different topology`s such as Star, Bus & Ring topology to name a few. With ccHDtv this will  not effect the latency of the line in any way. It is also a technology that will be implementing Higher resolution cameras in the future and will not be stuck on 2 megapixel as the latest 4K technology which is approx 8 megapixel cameras will also be made for ccHDtv over Coax cables not far in to the future.

What kind of projects need ccHDtv only ?

ccHDtv can be the only solution in some special occasions. For example if you want to have over 16 Daisy chain Surveillance cameras one one coaxial cable, ccHDtv is the only solution. If you have a coaxial cable that is over 1000 meteres long in the installation site and you wish to use it to carry multiple Full High Definition Video, with 1080P at 30 frames per second ccHDtv is the only solution. If your installation only has room for only one coaxial cable but you want video ausio control & power simultaneously ccHDtv is the only solution. If you have very poor cabling but you still want crystal clear HD video, ccHDtv is the only solution.

Digital ccHDtv Quotation

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