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Cash Security Services  

Thank you to CCTV Australia for the service that you provided me in the planning and installation of the security system at my place of work. I especially appreciated the personal effort that you put into ensuring that the system being installed was the most suited for me. I now feel comfortable knowing that I can log in to my system at any time so I can view my place of work and also have a history of events if i need to go back and see previous footage. Due to CCTVAustralia`s professional attitude I have asked them to fit some more cameras at my location which they have done efficiently. My business is currently expanding in to another office and I would welcome CCTVAustralia to come back and fit out my office with an alarm system & more cameras. For those out there that think you know it already I would speak to these guys first as they are more than capable of designing and setting up a system for you.

Regards Lance Anderson Business owner of Cash Security Services   
Ashley Gold  

“We had an existing camera system that didn't perform to expectations. CCTV Australia resolved all the issues quickly and professionally. If only we went to them first instead of that other company. Thank you for understanding our needs and for the professional support you offered.”

Ashley Gold Home Owner   
Leanne Crisp  

If you’re thinking about security for your business and you’re not sure which security company to use, may I suggest that you at least check out the CCTVAustralia team. While it might not seem that security really matters, let me tell you – it does. Coming from South Africa security is very important to my family. You may want to get the lowest price or even do it yourself but I would prefer expert advice as I trust Mart & the guys at CCTVAustralia. Mart was patient. We worked out a security system together and he gave us wise advise along the way. I would trust these guys as they know much about the latest security systems I will be using there services again in the future.

Leanne Crisp Bookkeeping   
Cinderella`s Cleaning  

I wanted a tracking solution for my storage containers CCTVAustralia gave me a solution and tracking device that exceeded my expectations. I was also impressed with their security experience and knowledge also giving me advice for my place of residence. Not long after I contacted CCTVAustralia again to ask them about a wireless alarm system for my wife`s new business residence and I am glad i asked as a specified GSM wireless alarm was recommended due to the difficulties of our ceiling for cables. This alarm was more than enough for what we needed and for now there has been no problems whatsoever.

Mark Ferdinands Business owner Cinderella`s Cleaning   
Farming Community NSW  

I would like to thank Luke for his advice with the Spypoint Brand Trail cameras. We decided to get the advanced 5 x Solar Link-S for watching our Farm property as we have a large property and it was needed to keep an eye on the activity at our location. The cloud service is easy to use as we can log in to see the photos at anytime.

Regards Rita & Joel

Rita & Joel   
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