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No Power we can help with a Solar CCTV System

If your off the grid with no power around for miles and you need CCTV Footage then a Solar electric powered Surveillance system is ideal for projects when power is not available. Our Solar electric CCTV systems can be made to power any number of cameras and related devices. We can design a Solar camera systems made to operate 24/7 365 days a year specifically built for your location. Your solar power camera system will be designed and built based on the total system power requirement, with robustness in mind for all types of weather locations to ensure that a quality system is maintained.

Where is Solar CCTV Needed

Surveillance Solar systems can be especially helpful for the special needs of Mining sites, parks & recreation, construction sites, parking lots, remote gates, farming properties, dumping areas etc. At all these locations You the customer would not accept only having enough power during the day, and then only on clear days, as this is the challenge that solar represents. Energy storage is the solution as this is accomplished with a battery storage solution. Even though batteries add ongoing cost and maintenance to the solar system, if you are in a remote area you won’t have a choice but to use them. Solar in a CCTV application is usually last resort.

How the Solar System works

Our Solar CCTV Panel collects Sunlight/Daylight and produces electricity which is fed to the Solar Power Control Unit. This regulates the current and voltage, charges the system batteries and provides power to the CCTV or other equipment connected to it. This controller also prevents over charging, over discharging of the batteries, provides short circuit protection and protects the Solar Panel from voltage feedback etc. During daylight the equipment connected to the Solar Panel System is powered from the Solar Panel via the controller and the battery is charged. During periods of darkness the equipment continues to run powered by the battery.

Solar Panel System

Solar Panels and controller capacity may be increased according to the required load but panels must be the same voltage, current and load requirements in order to operate correctly. Typically a single 100 Watt Solar Panel and Controller with Battery will support a single speed dome with standard wireless transmitter. Care must be taken not to overload the Solar CCTV System Power Supply, e.g. while a single speed dome may consume little current when idle, its start current can exceed 3Amps so for this reason only a single speed dome per Solar Panel is recommended. Also when fitting multiple static cameras to a Solar Panel CCTV Power Supply System remember to take into consideration the load at night when the LEDs of all in one cameras come into operation effectively increasing the over all load at night when the batteries are in operation.

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