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Security Fogging System, Foggy 30

Usually, robberies are lasting 5 to 7 min. To stop theft, The Foggy 30 saturates the area up to 25 meters with a white fog in a flash security smoke fog, which makes the environment so impenetrable that the criminals are completely unable to orientate themselves and that stops straightaway the crime. As the smoke security system lasts up to 30 minutes, it gives time to the police to arrive and force the criminals to run away: your goods are totally safe.

Foggy is ideal for the active protection of all residential, commercial, industrial and military environments. Jewelers, banks, phone, electronics, computer, clothing, tobacco stores, as well as garages, warehouses and other similar places.

Foggy is EN50131-8 certified by the IMQ European laboratory, which is a guarantee of optimal performance with all control panels. But the Foggy security smoke machine can also work standalone, with a simple remote control or by a simple SMS. Another aspect of extreme importance is that – not only – the fog generated is harmless but also – it leaves no residue or odor: independent European laboratories analyze it regularly to confirm its absolute safety.

Security Fogging System, Foggy 50

The Foggy 50 is ideal for up to 50 Square meters sized area or room. This smoke security system includes a digital system with a memory of 1000 events with date and time, so you totally control his status, its utilization, the presence of main and the remaining volume of fog. This verification is done with a simple USB cable or thanks to an optional GSM module.

With its reduced weight and included frame, the Foggy security smoke screen can be easily and quickly installed on both wall and ceiling, and even in a false ceiling or a wall cabinet thanks to the optional PRL extension.

Optimized to run without fan, the Foggy security smoke machine is completely silent. For a total maximum security, the metal tank – without pressure, totally opaque and hermetic, with high autonomy,and filled with the active fog – is included from origin. This double advantage allows the installation of Foggy in all environments, commercial and even with a high risk! Anyway, Foggy also includes a worldwide insurance for damages (excluding USA). Foggy, the only smoke generator with 40 years’ experience.

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