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RISCO Cloud Services

The RISCO Cloud enables users to enjoy the advanced features offered with several RISCO Group products. Currently compatible with the Agility™ 3 alarm panel and the LightSYS™ 2, connectivity to the RISCO Cloud enables users to benefit from using the iRISCO Smartphone app (also available as a web based PC application). The app allows users to remotely control their alarm systems; including remotely arming/ disarming the system and receiving push notifications in the event of a suspected intrusion, in addition to offering the capabilities of visual verification and self-monitoring.

The RISCO Cloud gives users advanced capabilities, while removing the liabilities associated with increased IT investment and responsibilities.

RISCO Application Server (RISCO Cloud) is the central component of RISCO’s Web based service platform. Implementing secure TCP/IP network connectivity, RISCO Cloud provides high-speed central station reporting via a broadband interface. The predominant role of the RISCO Cloud is to handle and manage communications between
security systems installed in the homes and businesses of subscribers and multiple alarm monitoring service providers. In addition to event reporting, RISCO Cloud enables the security system to be programmed and controlled via the Web by means of a number of Web applications and utilities.

The main components of the system are:

• RISCO Cloud/Proxy – application/proxy server responsible for connection between end-users’ control panels1 and service providers, for system management, and data transfer to the central station’s alarm monitoring system
• Agility 3 – security panels with GSM/GPRS, IP or PSTN connection.

System Architecture

The security control panel, installed in the home or business of the subscriber, provides the interface to a wide range of encrypted wireless peripherals and household appliances. The control panel communicates with RISCO Cloud via broadband or wireless GPRS connection to the Internet. Event messages are forwarded to the monitoring service’s central station. backup communication is provided to a traditional receiver at the monitoring service. The proxy server Risco Cloud/Proxy forwards events to the central station’s management software application. Additionally, monitoring, control and programming of the remote premises security systems can be performed from RISCO Group’s Smartphone application (iRISCO) or a PC with an Internet connection.

Benefits at-a-Glance

By connecting to the RISCO Cloud, monitoring stations, installation companies, installers and end-users enjoy:
• In-depth self-monitoring for end-users: The RISCO Cloud offers an in-depth and enjoyable experience, enabling customers to control and monitor their home and office systems at their fingertips – anytime and anywhere, with the Smartphone and Web user applications.
• Easy system setup interface for installers: The RISCO Cloud’s installer interface assists installers to easily set up systems, connect systems to monitoring stations, and set up users and monitoring stations alike for utilizing RISCO’s acclaimed VUPoint (video verification) with IP cameras.
• Monitoring station control: By connecting the monitoring station’s deployment estate (panels) via the RISCO Cloud platform, the monitoring station gains the advantage of receiving event notifications, visual verification (video feeds and images) at a single, central point. Additionally, by connecting to the RISCO Cloud platform it ensures that the monitoring station and installation companies will enjoy future services as they are introduced to the market.


The RISCO Cloud enables users to control their intrusion detection systems remotely and receive push notifications from the Smartphone app and Web user interface if there has been a suspected intrusion, or any other type of alarm activation. Users can view static images taken inside their homes / premises by the PIR camera detectors, as well as view live streaming video taken by IP cameras (using VUPoint) to help verify if there has been an actual intrusion or a false alarm. Self-monitoring is a growing trend among alarm system owners as it gives them full control of their systems.

The alarm panel is configured to the RISCO Cloud by the installer.

• The user registers their system to the RISCO Cloud at www.riscoCloud.com/register using a unique panel ID number.
• The user downloads the Smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android devices) or accesses the Web user application at www.riscoCloud.com.
• Users can control their system using the Web or Smartphone app for arming/disarming, viewing event history, bypassing zones, defining notifications, and more.
• In the event of suspected intrusion (or other alarm activation), the panel will notify the RISCO Cloud, which will then notify the user either via the application (as a push notification), or via e-mail.
• The user can easily verify events by reviewing pictures taken by PIR cameras at the time of event occurrence, and also by viewing (in real time) live streaming video taken by the VUPoint IP camera.
• At any given time (even if there are no events), the user can log in to the Web user application or use the Smartphone app to request to view (“on-demand”) a picture of the premises taken by PIR cameras, or to view a live video feed from the VUPoint IP camera.

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