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risco alarm ip cameras

Alarm IP cameras viewing all Alarm Activation’s

RISCO Group presents VUpoint, a revolutionary live video verification solution which seamlessly integrates IP Cameras within our professional security systems. Powered by the RISCO Cloud, VUpoint provides an unprecedented level of security and live video monitoring capabilities to monitoring stations and commercial/residential users alike, and is easily controlled through RISCO Group’s intuitive smartphone app.
• Unlimited opportunity to stream live video events
• Unlimited monitoring capability; anywhere, anytime
• Unlimited types of triggers; detector alarm event, panic, system disarm by code
• Unlimited quantity of IP cameras; increasing security and sales potential
• Unlimited potential for installers; simple plug and play installation

VUpoint Indoor Cube IP Camera

• Simple Plug & Play installation
• 1.3 Megapixel
• Color HD
• Day/Night
• White LED’s Length 10m

VUpoint Outdoor Bullet IP Camera

• Simple Plug & Play installation
• 1.3 Megapixel
• Color HD
• Day/Night
• Max. IR LEDs 30m

Unlimited opportunity to stream live video events

VUpoint enables the initiation of live video streaming on demand from any IP Camera which can be viewed directly using the iRISCO smartphone app or via web application. Check up on children returning from school, or look in on the office after hours. Wherever there is an IP Camera installed, it can be seamlessly accessed on the go, for peace of mind.

Unlimited monitoring capability;anywhere, anytime

Supported by the iRISCO app, users can monitor intrusion events using snapshot images and live video directly on the intuitive interface, for peace
of mind. Monitoring stations can now identify costly false alarms for higher efficiency. Video streaming uses RISCO Group’s HD IP Cameras providing clear and sharp images for verification with certainty.

Unlimited types of triggers

VUpoint can be configured so that any detector or event, whether intrusion, safety or panic,can trigger the camera, thereby providing unsurpassed security and control. From a detector to a magnetic contact to a smoke alarm, the camera can be triggered to provide real-time video clips for verification purposes, and peace of mind.

Unlimited quantity of IP cameras supported

With VUpoint there is no limit to the number of IP cameras that can be installed and configured to the intrusion system. IP Cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor environments and provide a cost-effective video verification solution for homes and businesses, increased Security at your premises keeping an eye on your property.

With VUpoint, users can “look in” on their premises on demand to view live video clips of their premises of up to 30 seconds length through RISCO Group’s intuitive iRISCO smartphone app. In addition, video clips can be viewed in response to a wide range of triggers, (detector alarm event, panic alarm, or system disarm by code), providing unparalleled peace of mind for end-users, and enabling monitoring stations to simply verify false alarms, saving on unnecessary visits to the premises and wasted resources.

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