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Remote Set Up

DVR remote viewing is very popular in todays modern surveilance systems, developments to internet bandwidth and the rapid pace of smart phones have become a necessity in watching your valuables and possesions. You the customer know that CCTV video footage can be viewed via internet but are not sure how to set it up or tune the process so you can view it better.

Why cant i set up my remote viewing?

There is various factors that can cause difficulties in remote viewing such as old modem/routers which dont have port opening options or very cheap modem/routers which remote view are also not made for remote viewing. Not knowing if you have a static or dynamic IP address which is the IP address that is needed to be able to view remotely. Other factors can be fps, video resolution, video compression, bandwidth and different brands of DVR`s or NVR`s in market.

What to organise before remote viewing?

Bandwidth provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider) – Check what is your bandwidth by ISP, as you are transmitting video footage over internet, you usually require high bandwidth. Make sure that you have a Static IP address so this is a stable address for remote viewing and does not change

Operating systems?

Check your DVR or NVR supports all major operating system, for example it may only support windows based system and not apple or it may only supports certain versions of the windows. We often experience this problem in smart phones, as not all smart phones use same operating system. Your DVR or NVR manual should clearly mention supported operating systems.

CCTVAustralia Remote View DVR Setup Service

CCTVAustralia offers our all inclusive DVR internet set up service. Our Valuable Technician will guide you through the Network set up needed to view your cameras Live. The set up will take approximately up to an hour and will be directed by Remote View software. Before we schedule a Remote View DVR set up various information will need to be gathered so there is no unforeseen circumstances that can delay your DVR internet Set Up. Finally, most of our internet enabled recording devices also work with many smart phones. If yours does, we can also help you set it up so you can view your cameras from your phone almost anywhere! All you need is 3G signal (and a Smartphone – Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile).

Once you have decided to book a set up we will arrange an appointment within a day or two (excluding weekends & public holidays) Please contact our technician at techsupport@cctvaustralia.com.au or call us on 1300 432 288

Remote View for PC or Laptop $149.00 Inc GST

Remote View for PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone & IPad $199.00 Inc

Due to the amount of cheap illegal imports coming in to the Australian market we will only do Remote Viewing with equipment that has been proven and tested by our own technicians. This is our policy to minimise faults and liability from the use of illegal & dangerous low priced electronic CCTV Systems.

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