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Outdoor Wireless IP

September 16, 2017 CCTVAustralia Blog

It is now official CCTVAustralia can now quote & install Commercial Outdoor Wireless IP camera systems when it comes to IP cameras. After many years of cable battles with certain infrastructure elements CCTVAustralia can now implement a complete Surveillance system with indoor & outdoor cameras using Digital Wireless antenna infrastructure. As a company we have searched & observed this type of technology and have finally found what we are looking for. The main reason for using this method when as a last resort Wireless can transmit the camera footage back to the location of the NVR recorder without the need of cabling. This can save many thousands of dollars on those extremely difficult cable installs. 

The most difficult situations usually arise with long distance areas that need Surveillance cameras spread out like Caravan parks, Large playgrounds, large recreation areas to name a few. The objective of the antenna is to make sure that they have a line of sight so that they can see each other as it is important to make sure that the signal being transmitted will have no interference along it`s travelling distance. If trees and buildings are in the way then this can be a problem so the initial plan is to make the infrastructure avoid these problems. One way of diverting trees and buildings in between the line of site is to have another access point antenna in a area that can be seen by the front & back end being some what in the middle to transmit the Video footage back to the NVR recorder.
 This type of technology will only work with IP Cameras which can use megapixel resolution giving you clearer pictures compared to the old analogue systems. The frequency with which we use the wireless is at 2.4Ghz which can be adapted through the software to change to a slightly different band to help stop any interference. If the area has already much wireless infrastructure then no problem we can introduce 5Ghz to eliminate this problem all together. So if you feel that you have no hope of installing a surveillance system and you have already been quoted ridiculous amounts of money by using the traditional method I advise that you give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist with a proposal to help solve your Digital Surveillance problem.
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