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New Generation PTZ cameras

September 16, 2017 CCTVAustralia Blog

Hi All
Our company has been testing the latest range of PTZ Cameras as of late for what we can tell you is that this new range of PTZ cameras are long overdue as in previous PTZ times PTZ cameras would not see well at night and needed plenty of lighting.

The latest range of PTZ have now incorporated more advanced menu functions such as WDR and for those of you who don’t know what WDR is it stands for Wide Dynamic Range. This function gives the camera the capability to stop sunlight glare and shadow darkness at doorways and other areas. Not all the current PTZ cameras have this function as this is mainly in the Megapixel range that we have seen. The latest PTZ cameras also have 360 Degree rotation and the Infra Red Night Vision using the latest IR technology to see depending which camera you get up to 150 Meters at night.

PTZ IR cameras have there positives and negatives as you can utilize them to see many areas at once the negative is that while it is seeing one area something can happen in another area so how do you solve this problem I hear you ask. The PTZ camera will have a Pre-Set Tour capability and when we set the tour we can speed up this tour to cover the areas intended more quickly but also it does not hurt to have static cameras in other locations where you feel they are needed most. The big positive of using the latest PTZ cameras are that the customer can control the PTZ zoom in and out not just during the day but also now at night and get facial recognition and the Night Vision will surprise you.

The classical use of these modern PTZ cameras are in open areas known for unwanted activity. Currently we offer in this technology 600TVL analogue and 1.3 & 2 Megapixel IP Digital. For more technical advice or you are thinking about covering certain large areas contact us on 08 7325 3100 and we will be happy to assist Our company will quote Australia Wide.

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