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Live viewing with SPARTAN Trail cameras

January 19, 2022 CCTVAustralia Blog

Due to numerous requests we decided to take action and provide a supplier in the Trail Camera business that had the best technology available. Our clientele usually guide us in the direction of what they are looking for with numerous requests for an outdoors trail camera that gives you live viewing capability.

Welcome SPARTAN Trail Cameras the first provider of live viewing capabilities like never before. The SPARTAN brand is well recognized in the industry as they have proven their worth when it comes to picture and video quality over the years. The model in question is called the Spartan GoLive as it is currently one of the most advanced Trail cameras on the market.

The SPARTAN brand is located in the USA being a North American company that comes with excellent standards when making their Trail Camera models. Higher standards and reliability is what CCTVAustralia strives for as we know that the Americans usually have top notch Trail camera manufacturing technology world renown due to their capability and testing procedures because of their land mass and forests for these purposes.

The Spartan GoLive gives you live stream at the touch of a button while you capture images and videos on demand. All this and more while live streaming with simultaneous capture and sending where you will receive your pictures and videos faster than ever. The Spartan GoLive also features anti-theft GPS, real-time updates, and an easy solar power connection.

We would like to also state that the SPARTAN 4G models also have the capability to use a directional high gain antenna for those who are worried about lack of signal when it comes to their scouting locations. The directional high gain antenna will definitely help with Outdoor Locations such as monitoring land, cabins, animals and farm animals and much more.

SPARTAN also offers advanced transmission of photos and videos through their camera management app with the touch of a button. Every cellular camera from Spartan Camera requires data to send pictures and videos to your devices. SPARTAN offers Shared Data Plan, sharing data between your cameras. This means you can share data between your cameras and eliminate the need to keep them on multiple plans at the same time.

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