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Flame & Smoke Detection

Flame & Smoke detection analytics

At CCTVAustralia our intelligent vision-based analytics system which can timely detect suspicious fire or smoke incidents from the video source of High Resolution Megapixel Cameras. The system utilizes the real-time captured imagery to quickly analyze and verify characteristics of fire and smoke in seconds. Once the flame and smoke are detected, the system will send alerts to the central monitoring center and push event notification to operator’s mobile devices within 15 seconds for early warning.

Compared to alarm system fire and smoke detectors,This advanced systems advanced Flame & Smoke Detection enables to cover wide open spaces and longer distance within the camera field of view. This technology is a patented and self-developed vision algorithm technology, worked with selected cameras, the system is able to adjust settings and parameters to better fit for difficult environmental conditions for higher accuracy. It’s easy to be applied to factories, warehouses, petrol and gas stations, schools, museums and so on.Flame Smoke Detect

Our Flame & Smoke detection system will automatically come with Flow Counting, Missing Left Object Detection, Virtual Fence Detection, Secure Zone Detection, Scene change Detection, Loitering Detection. The Advanced Fire & Smoke Detection will be added to two camera channels one being for Smoke Detection and the other for Fire Detection. 2 Individual camera channels will be needed individually for Flame & Smoke detection. You can add more areas by allocating more channels to the specific areas.

What will this software do for you

• Analyze and Identify Flame and Smoke in Real Time
• Quick Event Response in Seconds
• Live Surveillance & Real-time Recording
• Detection Coverage for Wide-open areas within Camera Field of View
• High Accuracy with Less Limits to Ceiling Height and Sense Angle
• Support Adjustable Sensitivity Settings and Parameters to Meet Different Scenarios
• Ideal to Integrate with Fire Safety Equipment for Complete Protection
• Easy to Install and Operate
•Remote Monitoring & Push Video Notification on Mobile Phone Devices Letting you know Flame & Smoke detection from camera


The Storage recorder can utilize and use viewing software for multiple sites if you have a chain of stores. This software is termed as CMS Software & can manage events from up to 256 remote cameras which displays up to 64CH event video simultaneously & has also many extra functions which can be used. There is a specialized Fee for using this advanced CMS software being $875.00 Inc GST.

The Flame & Smoke detection system is ideal for Shopping centres, Department stores, Chained Stores, Customer monitoring for theft and shoplifting, Consumer purchasing behavior monitoring, Employee monitoring for fraud and theft, Public/Government Buildings, Downtown Areas, Education Facilities, Building and security checkpoint monitoring, Facilities monitoring against vandalism, Pupil monitoring, Airports/Seaports, Bus/Subway/Train Stations, Highways/Railways, Checkpoint monitoring (e.g. customs inspections, Factories, Industry Sites, Warehouses, Inventory monitoring, Manufacturing process monitoring

Flame & Smoke Detection Analytic`s Quotation

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