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Commercial CCTV Surveillance  Systems

Commercial CCTV systems are generally a much larger application that need a professional perspective when it comes to planning, strategy and expertise.  Very much different to the standard domestic and small business requirements Commercial installs need to be organised 100% effectively due to the size of the install and the capability of storage space needed for a much larger variety of cameras that will be needed for the application.

Below I will list the main points when proposing for a Commercial System

  1. Positioning of the cameras for maximum effect viewing.
  2. The type of camera technology needed to see the distances and angles requested.
  3.  The quality of the CCTV camera to last many years indoors and Outdoors
  4. Recommended camera software suitable for the application.
  5.  High quality lenses for high quality picture performance.
  6.  Recommended cable infrastructure which includes Fiber optic if needed
  7. See if Wireless Access Points will be needed in case the complex has multiple warehouses on site
  8.  Existing infrastructure check to see if new technologies will be needed  for distances etc.
  9.  The correct recording storage needed for the amount of cameras used
  10. Software capabilities so the the Recorder is well suited for the infrastructure involved
  11.  Remote viewing capabilities on the site and also on the system used
  12.  Reliable supplier of the CCTV system with professional back up support

These are some of the main points inspected and questioned when on site to recommend the most suitable Commercial Surveillance system for the overall Installation. The amount of information needed and technical expertise can be complicated to say the least the abilities needed for this scenario is why you need to align yourself with a company like CCTVAustralia that has all the capabilities needed to install the Surveillance needed at the premises. You can contact us with an inquiry at commercial@cctvaustralia.com.au

NVR Recorders are used in IP Digital Infrastructure the resolution of IP has grown considerably over the years it is now possible to attain 12 megapixel IP Camera resolution cameras.

The latest 12 megapixel Cameras can come in 360 degree Panoramic cameras as well as normal dome cameras the latest 12 megapixel cameras have technology that can be sustained through the internet being capable of watching on an App without any Bit-rate problems.

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