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Chinese suppliers the good the bad the ugly

September 16, 2017 CCTVAustralia Blog

There has been much interest lately in regards to Chinese CCTV products in the Australian market as of late. Due to our declining economy and our dropping exchange rate we are now seeing a Tidal wave of cheap Chinese CCTV products entering the country. For the general Consumer they now believe that the cheapness of Chinese products is well justified when shopping for a CCTV system but I say be extremely cautious as the amount of cheap component`s in these products leaves much to be desired if you think you are getting any sort of Quality.

The Security Industry is definitely heating up as China tries to catch up to the professional standards of Taiwanese & Korean quality. For many years the Koreans & Taiwanese have been the masters in Quality when it comes to all forms of CCTV especially in the Digital formats such as IP & HD-SDI but what you are seeing now is that there is more innovation coming out of China as they attempt to play catch up. As a general rule serious projects in the commercial sector will stick to Taiwanese & Korean Quality but due to the budgetary demands from this sector two Chinese companies are now standing out being Hikvision & Dahua. These two companies have broken out of the Mold of China`s extreme Cheapness & Low Quality as their range of products are now being used in all types of projects and are being seen as a relatively good standard.

Apart from emerging companies like Hikvision, Dahua & some up and coming innovative Chinese companies it is justified to say that the Chinese mentality in CCTV manufacturing still remains poor as cheapness is their main concern and quality still remains in the back seat. As a general rule when going for Chinese cheapness get ready to expect anything from 3 months 1 year or 2 years for the product to last before major problems will occur. The ugly side of Chinese product is that the testing procedures and paperwork have been falsified as well as the electronic component`s being used are sub standard causing many issues one of them being heat issues with the product. Through my general experience back up support is also major issue for Chinese suppliers I too have experimented and dabbled in their products but only to learn in the end that back up support is very much lacking when problems do occur.
As a general rule Taiwanese & Korean products are the most reliable as their standards, experience and testing procedures in CCTV technology & manufacturing gives them the edge. As a company I will always try and sell Korean & Taiwanese outlaying the quality of their product but this is getting increasingly harder due to the Chinese price war that is infecting the industry as of late. In the future you will see more Chinese companies with quality & reputation for their products breaking out of the cheapness tag. Recently for those that don’t know AHD which is Analog High Definition was invented in China and the roles have reversed for the first time making China a leader in this technology. That being said there is still very many rogue Chinese companies selling faulty product that will say anything and do anything to sell my only advise is if your serious about quality contact CCTVAustralia and we will give you an honest appraisal of what kind of equipment you will get that will suit your budgetary requirements. 
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