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Cheap CCTV it`s a race to the bottom

September 16, 2017 CCTVAustralia Blog

Hi Everybody I hear you asking there is so many systems out there how do I make a decision on what`s best for me. What is becoming more relevant in today’s society is the amount of equipment that is available on the internet from EBay to price comparing websites which are popping up more and more as the digital economy evolves. First of all the most important advice I want to give you is that in regards to CCTV is that cheap systems are exactly that they are cheap if you want to only be absolutely concerned about price then you will get what you pay for which is often more trouble than what it`s worth as far as I am concerned if you are only worried about price then it is a race to the bottom and here are the reasons why.

1. Cheap electronics means Lower grade compression and playback as the components used are second rate
2. Cheap electronics will break down it is only a matter of time
3. Inferior electronics tend to get hot and can possibly catch fire.
4. Back up support for low end product is often low end support
5. Facial recognition well what facial recognition
6. Low grade software means difficult usage of the product.
7. Low end DVR recorders will lock up due to heat problems as well as software difficulties.
8. Hard drives will tend to fail
9. Power supplies will often fail
10. Cheap Power supplies are usually illegal to use in Australia.11. Low End product usually from China is not regulated to enter Australia and therefore is Illegal to use.
These are some of the reasons why you should not consider lower end product when it comes to CCTV.

Through my experience and that’s nearly 8 years in the industry I have sold and managed up to 200 Security Systems. In the beginning of my career all I wanted to do was sell cheap to keep everyone happy but then the headaches began. It was only a matter of time and the disgruntled customers started contacting me as CCTV systems started freezing and locking up cameras stopped working the playback footage on the DVR`s did not see very well. In the end after all these experiences I vowed to myself I would never ever sell cheap electronics anymore. I believe that you the customer should think carefully and do some questioning and research when wanting to install a Surveillance system another factor is that low grade footage will not be accepted by law enforcement in fact it is known in the industry that they will laugh at such low grade footage when it is presented to them. If you are truly serious about implementing a Surveillance System then Quality at a reasonable price is what our companies philosophy represents.

CCTVAustralia was founded on the principal of alleviating costs with quality product performance. Our company invests in the very latest surveillance technologies therefore we are not a price compare website or EBay trader as our product goal is for long term functionality. As a company we are concerned with the amount of illegal faulty equipment that is now flooding the market as well as lack of regulation on such product. It is law in Australia to regulate and approve electronics that enter the market but due to lack of policing because of reduction of government funding to customs this can not be enforced so you the customer when importing in a cheap system is at risk of fire damage and electrical faults at your premises or building. Your insurance company will not cover unregulated electronic products if they cause damage so I say good luck if you decide to take that chance.

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