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Central Monitoring System

Central Monitoring Station..

At CCTVAustralia we invest in proven CCTV technology and one of those software applications is called CMS Pro which is an Advanced Enterprise class Central CMS ScreenMonitoring System. It features Maximum 512 channel display on dual monitor display. CMS Pro supports customizable Multi Grouping by DVRs & Cameras, Smart & Thumbnail search, Instant recording & playback and Multi Level & Hierarchical E-map for intuitive use.In other words our CMS system will allow you the customer to have multiple sites on the one screen allowing for all separate locations to ve joined in to one system and also allow to control each individual sites DVR`s and also control the Camera Menu settings via this system. Please see below some of the benefits of using CMS pro

Smart Search

Users are able to search specific videos by setting the certain area of a channel to detect motion.If the movement is detected in the area, it will automatically display the video clip in the search window

Multi Grouping

Users are able to select certain channels from specific DVRs and make their own combination  with them as a group.

Instant Playback

CMS Pro provides instant playback function on Live, Log list and Event list by choosing the items.

Thumbnail Search 

CMS Pro supports Thumbnail Search (Panorama Search) by setting specific date and time. CMS Pro supports Thumbnail Search (Panorama Search) by setting specific date and time.

Full Function Log Windows

Log Windows show users the full functions such as Remote System Log, System Log and Event Log.

Event Pop Up

Users are notified with pop-up window when there is any event, such as alarm, motion, emergency etc, occurs on the connected DVR.

Commercial Quotation

If you are interested in a quotation for a commercial System or any large order, the best way of getting a quote is to fill out our online quotation form or call us on 1300 432 288 or email us at commercial@cctvaustralia.com.au The products on our site being 4,8,16 channel systems are mainly for small to medium type installations our commercial quotation will use the recommended equipment for commercial installations.

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