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The AUDIO2 listening Device features:

Advanced audio distance, Ideal for small,medium, larger areas, Can hear up to 5 m² ‐ 150m², Built in AGC monitoring, DC 12V Power connection, Frequency range 200-10KH, 5 decibel output impedance.


Audio listening device for AHD, HD-TVI & HD-SDI DVR & Cameras

The AUDIO2 Listening device has been the most appropriate for larger areas have a range of 5 m² ‐ 150m² and can be used on all AHD, HD-TVI & HD-SDI installs, This audio device is specific in sound sensitivity and can hear quite clearly in the general area that this device is located. The AUDIO2 will usually be located near a specific camera as most DVR recorders will align the Audio Device this way when recording.

The AUDIO2 listening device has 4 wires coming out of it as Red & Black are positive negative for Power and the remaining two are for connecting on a AV input which goes in to your DVR recorder. A DVR recorder can have anything from 1 to 16 Audio channels on the back of the DVR which depends which model you will get. The audio device will need a seperate cable and also be connected in to a power supply.

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