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Australian Capital Territory Installation

Commercial, Industrial, Retail Installations only

Engineered Security system designs, installation, maintenance & monitoring. Cabled & Wireless alarms, Latest Security Fog solutions. Current CCTV technology ready to protect your business.
CCTVAustralia has partnered with professional surveillance systems & CCTV installers in the territory of Australian Capital Territory.
Australia Capital Territoy areas Served:

Canberra & all surrounding areas in the ACT

In addition to purchasing one of our Surveillance Systems the following installation services are also available:
Alarm 4 core Cable Installs
AHD Coax Cable Installs
HD-TVI Coax Cable Installs
HD-SDI Coax Cable Installs
IP CCTV Cat 5 & 6 Installs
Wireless Alarm System Installs
Commercial Wireless IP Installs
Security Fog Installations


If you would like to schedule a CCTV installation estimate in the Territory of Australian Capital Territory, please fill out a security camera system quote request form, or call us at 1300 432 288.
CCTVAustralia does not accept installations from clientele that will not use our approved quality electronic security equipment. Due to the fact of cheap illegal imports coming in to the Australian market we will only do Installations with equipment that has been proven and tested by our own technicians. This is our policy to minimise faults and liability from the installation of illegal & dangerous low priced electronic CCTV Systems.
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