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Solar Street Lighting 30W


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This Solar street Light is 30W at 5000-5400LM & comes with 100 pieces LED`s

The solar panel operates at 6V/80W & the Life of the battery is 307WH

This solar Lighting is easy to transport, install and maintain

Solar Panel can be adjusted in vertical and horizontal direction.

6 work modes for choice. This solar Lighting comes with a 3 year warranty

Embedded single string battery technology. More stable and longer lifespan.

Protect battery by software and hardware, supporting battery charge at 0v.

* Note does not come with Pole

Adjustable Solar Street Lighting

Our Unique Design is easy to transport model is easy to install and maintain.

The Control Mode Management comes with 6 work modes for different choices.

The battery Charge and Discharge Management offers Protection for the battery by software and hardware, which supports battery charge at 0v

This Solar Street Light range comes with Intelligent Power Control Embedded intelligent monitoring 5.0 system, AI intelligently detecting recent weather conditions, which will reasonably plan the discharge when needed.

Our base Model series does a Rotating Solar Panel which can be adjusted in a vertical and horizontal direction

The solar battery pack has a Embedded single string control technology. which gives the battery a more stable and longer lifespan

The Lighting Efficiency Upgraded to 100pcs of led chips, lighting efficiency of the whole system is now up to 180lm/w.

The Lighting distribution has been Upgraded and comes with a Patent bat-wing lens with bigger lighting angle, effectively illuminate the entire road without wasting any light.

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Type Lamp Lamp 15W Lamp 20W Lamp 30W Lamp 40W
Panel Power 60W/6V 80W/6V 100W/6V 100W/6V
Material Poly crystalline silicon Poly crystalline silicon Poly crystalline silicon Poly crystalline silicon
Solar cell efficiency 17-18% 17-18% 17-18% 17-18%


Capacity 144WH 192WH 307WH 384WH
Charge cycle times 2000 times
Lamp head Luminous flux 2500-2700lm 3400-3600lm 5000-5400lm 6800-7200lm
Light output 15W 20W 30W 40W
 LED qty 100pcs
Color temperature 3000-7500K
CRI ≥70Ra
Material of lamp head Aluminum alloy
Lifespan 50000hrs
System Light distribution Batwing lens with polarized light
Lighting time(full charged) 5-7 rainy days
Operation temperature -20℃~60℃
Installation Top diameter of pole 60mm
Mounting height 4-8m
Installation spacing 10-30m
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