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8 Channel Commercial IP DIY Kits for Businesses

If your  a fan of reliable long lasting CCTV electronics then our range of  Professional Commercial digital IP systems with 2 to 5 IP Resolution is your choice. Our 8 Channel commercial IP DIY Kits now give you the latest technology & best diy kits which are ideal for long lasting performance with a higher standard of electronics. Our commercial cctv cameras are connected to our range of NVR recorders using cat5 or cat6 cable passing the power & video through each cable to the camera. Our commercial surveillance systems come with the latest technolgy IP Camera and professional video surveillance NVR which is made for performance & stability. CCTVAustralia’s 8 channel Commercial IP DIY  kits are designed to be easy to install and come with everything that you need to have as a complete plug and play surveillance system for your home or business.

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