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What is a 4 Channel Wireless Wifi Security Kit ?

CCTVAustralia is now proud to present the very latest in Wireless technology in Wireless Surveillance Cameras. In previous times Wireless CCTV had notorious issues such as signal interference & hacking in to the signal of cheap wireless surveillance system that have been on the market for years. The current release in Wireless CCTV now has a much more stable Digital 2.4GHZ wireless signal which is now more harder to hack due to having it`s very own  separate network for wireless transmission. The new wireless surveillance CCTV System utilises Wifi Technology having the correct antenna on the NVR and also on the cameras so that the signal can be transmitted up to 60 Meters in an open area. Please be aware that this distance can be less if the area in question is not an open area. Please also bear in mind that this technology will still need power to be implemented to each camera from a power source close by.


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