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When do you use 3G/4G Remote Solar viewing

It is one thing to decide that you will need a Solar or wireless CCTV system due to your remote location but another question arises if you decide whether Remote solar Viewing is capable via a Wireless application to a NVR recording device within your area. If you decide you want remote solar viewing and do not want multiple Solar cameras with the expense of poles in numerous areas and just need one or two cameras for a specific location then 3G/4G Remote viewing is definitely a viable option. utilizing 3G/4G Remote viewing is not as easy as it sounds and one of the main reasons for this is that you have to make sure that your location will have 3G or 4G coverage so that this option can be set up. It would also be safe to say that the Telstra network would be the most suitable due to their monopoly in the market in regards to coverage.

Current Telstra Next G Coverage

What happens if i dont have 3G or 4G coverage

If your concerned that your area does not have 3G or 4G coverage then there is an answer and it is more simple than you thought. Satellite dish transmission is the answer for the most remote areas. Although the answer is simple more equipment is needed for this to be a reality as the Satellite dish will also need more Solar Panels as the current drawn from a satellite dish is much more compared to using a camera. Therefore the costs in using a satellite dish will be more but this scenario is obviously used in country areas and areas where the convential method 3G signal strength is not strong enough to transmit. Realistically Satellite Dish technology should cover all areas in Australia but this is a technology that has to be examined with care once commiting to such a project as design specifications and implementation would need to be thoroughly planned.

Outdoor 3G/4G Surveillance where is it used.

Commercial 3G/4G CCTV can be used at many locations.
  1. Fire site emergency
  2. Emergency Hotspot accident location
  3. Illegal Garbage locations
  4. Forestry areas for illegal activities
  5. Construction Sites
  6. Public Work areas
  7. Real time monitoring of emergency locations

Outdoor 3G/4G Wireless router

– 3G/4G wireless, mobility and wireless advantage does not subject to space restrictions, particularly suitable for monitoring emergency and temporary needs.
– 3G wireless bandwidth up to 2Mbps, 4G the wireless bandwidth up to 8~18Mbps, can handle single or multiple cameras transmission needs.
– 3G/4G wireless router transfers, only need 3G/4G SIM card is inserted, without making any setting can online transferred right away

Outdoor long term ups power supply

– Power supply system with IP66 outdoor environment with 70℃ heat-resistant normal operation of more than 6 years of service life.
– Support for 12 hrs ~ 168 hrs outdoor power supply system (or connect online backup DC UPS to place an unlimited number of days), (based on the 3G/4G wireless video monitoring system in the cloud power calculations)
– Use large power consumption DC UPS type can supports eight cameras working at same time and large current fast-charge available in a short time (2-10 hours) full battery.

Can have matching assembly equipment & easy storage tripod

– Portable mobility combined with the magnet change and free features such as adsorption of metal fixation, suitable for use in an emergency

Commercial 3G/4G Solar CCTV Quotation

If you are interested in a quotation for a commercial 3G/4G Solar CCTV System , the best way of getting a quote is to fill out our online quotation form or call us on 1300 432 288 or email us at commercial@cctvaustralia.com.au

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