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AHD CCTV 1440P Cameras High Def Resolution

AHD CCTV cameras, also known as Analogue HD CCTV cameras, being our latest range in High Definition Cameras are capable of capturing video surveillance at 1440p resolutions. CCTVAustralia sells 1440p HD cameras, all of which can be seen below. Our range of AHD security cameras must be used with a AHD compatible DVR to get the fullest effect of this technology. CCTVAustralia supplies hybrid AHD / CCTV DVRs that work with both AHD and traditional analog CCTV cameras so that users can mix and match a combinations of both camera types. We highly recommend our range of AHD DVR`s as they are made to perform and last . AHD utilizes Analogue over Coaxial cable and can give up to 300-500 Meters in cable distance for each camera therefore minimizing the need for extra components when having long cable runs for those hard to reach Camera locations.

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