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AHD 1440P 16 Channel DIY Kits for all Areas

The modern market of video surveillance systems can get quite confusing with the range of choices and solutions but one thing we can guarantee and that is stability in our range of products. Therefore CCTVAustralia recommend that you take seriously our latest range of 1440P AHD 16 Channel DIY Kits made especially for large homes & suitable businesses. Our AHD 1440P 16 channel Kits comes with the latest technolgy AHD Cameras and professional AHD DVRs which is made to be backwards convertible with older analogue cameras for those who want to mix and match their older system. Analogue High Definition would be suitable for those who want High Definition cameras that will see facial recognitionAHD over Coax can give up to 300-500 Meters in cable distance for each camera therefore minimizing the need for extra components when having long cable runs for those hard to reach Camera locations.

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